Sunday, February 24, 2013

Video Marketing in Los Angeles

What is Video Marketing?

My definition of video marketing is very simple: the use of YouTube videos to drive traffic to your websites, blogs or landing pages, improve conversion and sales through higher perceived authority, trust and credibility.
  • Videos placed on 1st page of Google create trust, credibility and authority.
  • Eventually they create organic traffic and conversion.
  • They create a steady stream of new focused prospect customers
  • Videos on Google's first page increase sales!
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A beautiful video you paid thousand of dollars to get it made is worthless if it has no traffic, no views and nobody can’t see it!
In other words if your video is not on the 1st page of Google for the keywords you want, it won’t have the online exposure you need to drive traffic to your site. Your video has to have the eye balls that only the first page of Google can give you, unless you are a celebrity with 10s of thousands of fans in Facebook, Twitter or a celebrity.

There are many companies that offer you to make beautiful videos, with the best HD video cameras and in an excellent equipped studio. They also help you to upload those videos on YouTube. Now after 3 months, 6 months, a year, what are the views of those videos? Very little, or none; not enough to even get noticed.
I recommend you to re-consider your video marketing plan. Make sure your videos are in the 1st page of Google where people can see them!
Placing your websites, blogs and YouTube videos on Google’s first page is not that difficult. I know Internet marketers that promise and don’t deliver might burned you out. Just read, listen or watch what other people and their clients are saying about them and the services they provide.
When people talk about a service you provided and that solved their problems, that creates authority, credibility and trust, because that shows you can solve the same or similar problem for you! 

About Video Marketing Los Angeles

Everything started when I created my first website on the internet marketing niche. My video marketing in Los Angeles page still is there showing examples of the many videos I placed on Google's 1st page.
In 2009 I started interviewing the clients of the business I was working for, without the owner of the business knowing because he thought that was not a good idea!
In the next 12 months I was able to double the number of daily clients and the income of the business. My boss, the owner, casually told me: “Your videos are doing very well! Most of the new clients come because they were convinced of the effectiveness or our service through those videos.” I just enjoy my victory saliently and node my head, saying nothing…

Two years later the business picked the number of daily clients by 3 times the 2008 number and revenue increase about 5 times! I’ve never gotten any recognition for that, but the opposite…
During 2009 I took a video marketing class with Maria Andros and I started mastering the ability of placing YouTube videos not just on the first page of YouTube search, which is the second largest search engine, buy on the 1st page of Google as well! I placed YouTube videos for any keyword and any niche again and again and again! It’s just a pleasure to do that.
I started helping friends who needed help on their business and combined this ability with the similar one of placing websites and blogs on the 1st page of Google.
Next thing I know I realized, without even trying, that I was able to put not only those business sites or YouTube videos on Google’s 1st page, but the 3 at the same time! Their main site, blog and YouTube video on the first page of Google!

Watch this video testimonial from some of my clients, an acupuncturist and a brain nutrition counselor:
I realized the power of do video marketing in Los Angeles, a power that is still not very well understood.

Carlos D. Caridad
Internet/Video Marketer